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    Elizabeth Toy

    How many attempts will Zendesk make to deliver an email before it quits trying?

    Just wondering because we CC'ed an email but it was spelled incorrectly when it was added, so we are receiving multiple "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" emails. I've corrected the email address, but that doesn't seem to have updated the already-queued-up outbound email intended to go to the CC'ed (incorrect/original) email address. Hoping they'll eventually stop. :)

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    Sean Cusick

    Hi Elizabeth,

    We're sorry that you're experiencing this. When a relay server does not respond with a permanent non-delivery smtp code then we will continue to attempt to send the email for five days before our deferred outbound servers finally give up. This is a relatively common time period to keep trying (when a definitive non-delivery response is not received) so that it excludes temporary server performance / outage issues. You can safely ignore these suspensions or bulk delete them as you see fit.

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