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    Matt Hoffman (Edited )

    "*Note: If the option 'Allow update of external IDs' is enabled in Zendesk, we'll continue to key off the email even if an external ID is received. If the email and external ID differ, we'll change the ID. "

    Very well explained! Understanding this is crucial for solving many JWT SSO issues.

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    Igor Bakman

    Great piece, very informative.

    under what header does the JWT Header goes in the initial POST request? 

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    Dan B.

    Hi Igor!

    The JWT header is used in your external script to form the JWT payload. It is the first chunk explained in this article. We have examples of these scripts (in various languages) here if you would like to check the implementations out. You might also find this article handy.

    If you need further help, let us know and we'll be happy to explore your questions in a ticket. Thanks, Igor!

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