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If you are on Professional or Enterprise, you can enable your agents to add users to multiple organizations. Organizations are collections of users (both end-users and agents). For more information about organizations, see About organizations and groups. On Team, users can belong to only one organization.


Placing users in multiple organizations helps you manage your ticket workflow and gives users visibility into all tickets relevant to them. Here are some workflows where putting users in multiple organizations is helpful:
  • Providing external customer support If you support multiple business units or brands, or you have end-users who are contractors and supervisors providing oversight on various groups of customers, you can create organizations based on brands, teams, or business units, and add end-users the relevant organizations.
  • Supporting internal employees If you support internal employees, you can create organizations for each office location or for each department. Then assign end-users who work in multiple offices, or who belong to multiple departments, to multiple organizations accordingly.
  • Looping in other internal departments If you need to keep internal departments, such as sales or product teams, in the loop on support conversations, you can add them as end-users to multiple organizations as needed, instead of making them agents.
To enable multiple organizations for users
  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Settings > Customers.
  2. Click Enabled beside Allow users to belong to multiple organizations.

  3. Click Save tab.

After you enable multiple organizations, you can add a user to as many as 300 organizations. You can add users to organizations manually (see Adding and removing organizations for users) or through bulk user import (see Importing users into multiple organizations).

To manage users in multiple organizations, see Managing users in multiple organizations.

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    This says it can happen on Pro and Enterpise, so why am I not seeing this, because of the change and we have had this account longer than the Pro and Ent pricing plans.

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    I have already enabled "Allow users to belong to multiple organizations" before my above post.

    Old Subcription class: Support Plus

    according to About Zendesk Support plan types


    Plus = Pro

    Legacy plan Current plan
    Enterprise Enterprise
    Plus Professional
    Regular Team
    Starter Essential

    What can be done?

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    Hey Kim!

    I'm sorry, I'm not 100% sure what you're asking here. The feature is available to you, and you've enabled it, correct?

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