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  • Karsten M. Jensen

    Very good article! Thanks :)


    I'm interested in the same knowledge, but for the Web Widget search. I have heard that those two searches score results differently.

    Please enlighten me :)

  • Terry


    Help Center search results are based on relevance scores and are displayed to the user in descending order of their scores.

    At this time there is no manual sorting options in the results. You can read more about optimizing your help center content here.

    Looks like there is already a product feedback thread about this feature request, I would post there to see if our product team has made any progress on this request.

  • Jacob Mattison

    In the old web portal, if you were in a particular forum and ran a search, it would search just within that particular forum. If you wanted to search across all forums, you would do that from the forum home page. Since we moved to Help Center, it appears that it always searches across all topics, no matter where you initiate the search from. Is there a way to restrict a search to the current topic?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Erika!

    One of our Product Managers created a ticket for Jeff but the problem seemed to resolve itself for him, so I'm afraid that won't be any help to you.

    Would you be able to give more specific details about the content of these search terms/phrases? Do they tend to contain the same keywords? Do they have anything else in common?

    As long as the search phrase includes relevant keywords, and those keywords are somewhere in the articles that should be coming back, it shouldn't matter whether the user is typing in an entire sentence or not. So more details will hopefully help us figure out what's going on.


  • Forrest Smith

    Thanks @Serge!

  • Deepa Daniels

    Hi Everybody,

    Good news!  

    Knowledge base and Community Comments are now indexed. Incase you didn't see this announcement. You also have snippets and keyword highlights in the Search results page. 

  • Elizabeth B

    I'd love to see phrase searching (searching multiple words in quotation marks) as a feature! It would help refine our search results. Any sense on if that is something on the roadmap? Thanks in advance!

  • Erik Rutten

    Are the updates to search functionality available from the Knowledge Capture app?

  • Ricky Davis

    Hello, Aswin!


    Sadly, it is not currently possible to replace Zendesk search with the Google custom search engine. Although, this is something that we are considering! You can lend your feedback and use case here to let our developers know how this would be a useful feature:


    Thank you for your feedback!

  • Francois Spinnael

    Can the search been activated for the "community" part ? 

    We want to create an internal knowledge base on behalf of the "community", When we do a search, it only searchs in the help center & not in the community.


  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Dave!

    It should be possible! Provided you're on the Team plan or above, you have access to the HTML, CSS, JS code for your Help Center, including the search results page. You can use our Help Center templating language and CSS Cookbook to get started!

    Let us know if you get stuck! Here in Support we're not able to assist with this kind of customization, but we have several folks here in the Community who are great with this kind of thing. :)

  • Pedro

    I'm using "The Humble Squid" theme and I want to activate automatic suggestion when users type in the search box

    Is there an easy way to do this?

    Also, feat. suggestion: an easy "template builder" (drag and drop sections). E.g. being able to have a "Swiftest Elk" search/hero-unit but a "Humble Squid" main KB content section.

  • Bogdan Andrei Sturzoiu

    Yes, they should be (KC app uses the public search API). Note that fuzzy search is only available in Instant Search for now.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Renee!

    You should be able to update your articles in bulk using our API. We have endpoints specific to article labels so if you have folks in your organization with that kind of know-how they should be able to do it pretty easily!

  • Rob Latino

    Is there any way to elevate specific articles through a feature similar to what is commonly known as "best bets"? Our knowledge base library is so extensive that some articles get buried on page 2 or 3 of the search results, and we want to increase their visibility through a "highlighted results" panel of some sort. Thanks!

  • Niclas Kårlin

    Is there a guide somewhere how the code would look like for making three columns of the search result, including also the tickets?

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  • Erin Longhurst

    I've noticed that when I use the end-user search, it shows the publish date for articles instead of the last-updated date. Is there a way to change what date is displayed in search results? 

    I recall that there was a thread about it, but I've (somewhat ironically) had trouble finding it.

  • Deepa Daniels

    Do you want to help us improve Help Center search relevance? Please take a few minutes to to share specific examples of search results that didn't meet your expectations. http://goo.gl/forms/WbEKVWQnvE


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