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    Casey Dover

    Does this feature work? We have multiple customers who use ZD and I have never seen any of the above messages? I have had to set up a sharing agreement to resolve this issue.

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    Max McCal

    Hey, Casey - 

    Which feature are you asking about? I just tested a few things, and I am able to send email from one Zendesk account to another. The warning flags do appear on comments, as illustrated in the "Zendesk-to-Zendesk email" section. The warning string appears when a user's email identity is also a support address in a sharing partner's account as illustrated in the "Partner addresses" section.

    If you're having trouble with email being sent from one Zendesk to another, I would recommend reaching out to our support team.

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    Theo Drakakis


    If an email loop begins to occur, how do i prevent it from producing more tickets?

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    Max McCal

    @Theo - 

    We prevent them by looking out for an extended sequence of messages from one user in a short time. If you suspect you're seeing one, though, you can delete or close tickets to prevent mail loops too. 

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    Pratik Bothra

    @Max McCal - Is there anything in the email headers that dictate whether a mail stems from an automatic email notification or all other email notification (originates from an action performed by an agent)


    • Automatic email notifications are emails generated by Zendesk Support without any action on the part of an agent. When a ticket is automatically created from an incoming email, an automatic message is sent.
    • All other email notifications include emails generated by Zendesk Support based on an action performed by an agent. When an agent adds a comment to a ticket, for example, an email notification is sent.


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    Sean Cusick

    HI Pratik, I'm sorry, there is no indication in the headers that this is occurring. There are, however, a small handful of headers that we do employ in outbound notifications to alert another system that we are an automated sender of mail, as part of our responsible sending practices. You can inspect these by looking at the outbound headers from any notification. If you have any more questions feel free to open a ticket at support@zendesk.com

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