Displaying an alternative author on your articles (Guide Professional)

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  • Shlomo

    Very interesting but i'm not a programmer, just a Zendesk user who do not want to enter in the code.

    Is there a plan to have the possibility to edit the Author of an Article directly from the User interface?

  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Shlomo,

    You're timing is great! We actually just added this feature to our new article editor page. It is currently in Beta, but if you are interested in signing up to add that to your account, you can check it out here.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jennifer Holmes

    Hi Jake

    Did the new article editor page you were discussing 11july 2016 make it into production.or is it still in beta

  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Jennifer,

    Yes, that is available for everyone!

    So now there is a dropdown on the article editor page where you can choose a different author on your articles.

  • Jennifer Holmes

    ok So we can see how we can change from one agent's name as author to another agents name but is there a way to change the author to a standard " Help Desk Support "

  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Jennifer,

    The dropdown only lets you select an agent who exists in your account. You would want to use some of the customizations mentioned above if you want to use a fake agent.

  • Vladan Jovic

    Still great and very useful article! Thank you Jake for sharing!

  • Daniel Millin

    Hi Jake,

    Actually, I want a single agent name and avatar(Ex: Marketplace Specialist) to be displayed as an author for all articles. I tried inserting images under asset as mentioned in the article but I couldn't figure out coding correctly.

    I am using Copenhagen them. I would really appreciate if you can share the coding for that theme.

  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Daniel,

    Since I wrote this article, we added the ability for you to edit and set the article author in the article editor. This is useful as then it will display the article under that user's profile within Support as well as in the Help Center.

    If you must, you could edit the article template and just hard code it for one author (know that the images we use are 80px * 80px and are resized via CSS). You will want to replace the [insert user image URL] with your asset URL and the FirstName LastName with the set agent name:

    <div class="article-author">
     <div class="avatar article-avatar">
      {{! {{#if article.author.agent}}
     <span class="icon-agent"></span>
      {{! {{/if}}
     <img src="[insert user image URL]" alt="Avatar" class="user-avatar"/>
    <div class="article-meta">
     {{!{{#link 'user_profile' id=article.author.id}}
      FirstName LastName

    <ul class="meta-group">

    I pulled this code from the default Copenhagen template and made some slight modifications. Hope this helps!


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