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The upcoming Channel Integration framework allows you to turn almost any app or website into a channel, through which you can communicate with your users.

As a precursor to the release of the Channel Integration tool, Zendesk has built an integration to transform Google Play Store reviews into Zendesk Support tickets, allowing Google Play developers to respond to reviews through the Zendesk Support platform.

This article includes the following sections:

For general information on channels, see About Zendesk Support channels.

Installing the Zendesk Google Play integration

To use the Google Play integration, you'll need to install the app from Zendesk's App Marketplace.

To install the Google Play integration

  1. Open the Zendesk Apps Marketplace.
  2. Locate and click the Google Play Reviews icon. If you do not see the icon, contact Max McCal at
  3. Read the Overview, then click the Install app button in the upper right.
  4. Edit the installation info if needed, and click the link to view the Zendesk Marketplace Terms of Use.
  5. Click the Install button.

    The integration is added to your Channel Integrations page. Click Channels > Channel Integrations to access it.

Setting up your Google Play app and account

After you have installed the Google Play integration, you'll need the following to connect it to Zendesk Support:

  • A Google Play Developer account. For information on developer accounts, click here.
  • An app you created and published in the Google Play app store. For information on app development, click here.

Once your app is published, you need to:

  • Configure the app and your account
  • Upload the json file provided

This section includes basic instructions on performing these tasks. For more detailed instructions, see the support tip Channel Integrations: Set up the google Developer console for the Google Play integration.

To configure your Google Play app

  1. Log in to the Google Play Publish page.
  2. Click the Cog in the left sidebar, then click API Access.
  3. Click the Create new project button to enable your API and link it to the Google API console.
  4. Click the Create Service Account button, and follow the instructions provided in the modal, using a json key type.
  5. When the json file is finished downloading, return to the Google Play publish page and click Done on the modal.

To configure your Service Account

  1. On the Google Play Publish page, click the Grant Access button in your new Service Account.
  2. Select the Reply to reviews permission for your app.
  3. Click the Add User button.

Completing your Google Play integration

Now that you have your Google Play app and account configured, you can return to your Zendesk Support admin page and finish configuring your integration.

Tip: For information about filtering on Google Play review tickets in Insights, see Report on tickets via the Google Play Review channel.

To configure your Google Play integration

  1. Open the Channel Integration page, and click on the Google Play integration link.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click Add account.
  3. Give your account a name, and enter the app ID.
  4. Upload the json file downloaded when you created your Service Account.
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  • 0

    Update 19.05:

    It is working now....


    Have just done all the steps, but how can I check if it is all working correctly?
    I've got today morning a new review but haven't get any ticket in Zendesk.

    Is there any log file or how can I "test" this?

    Edited by Christian Grasser
  • 2

    What happens if a user updates his original review? Will a new ticket be created in Zendesk?

    Edited by Геннадий Коржевский
  • 0

    Details around the service account stuff is very unclear.  No idea if I've configured it correctly.   

  • 2

    It's worth specifying the following for To configure your Google Play app at the step

    3. Click the Create new project button to enable your API and link it to the Google API console. = Create credentials > Service Account Key


     Then, under To configure your Google Play integration the step 3. Give your account a name, and enter the app ID. is not straightforward.

    Where can the App ID be found?

    Go to the page of your app, and look at the end of the url, to see com.myapplication.uniqueid

    We will need to add 1 account for every App running in our store when making the integration of Google Play in Zendesk.


    I set up a view filtering by channel, but nothing seems to come in. 

    I believe that something is broken with this app, for now...

    Edited by Andrea Piccioni
  • 0

    Is there a way to exclude GP reviews from reporting?

    In GoodData on "ticket via" I only see API, web, mobile and facebook - I would've thought google play comes up as a separate channel in that sense.

    I'd like to exclude review tickets as I want to report on social media/review tickets separately.

    Any ideas?


    -- N.B just found a filtering option called "any_channel" - could that be my answer?

    Edited by Amy
  • 0

    Is there a documentation for building custom channel integrations available? 

  • 1

    How can I divide reviews from several projects published in one google play account? The channel can become a total mess if there's no such an opportunity. Please, advise!

  • 1

    Please add a way for us to be able to tell which app a review came from.  It would be nice if the "Edit account" screen (where you specify the App Name, App ID, and Service Name values) also let you specify a tag which should be added to tickets associated with that app.  This would make it easy to tell which app a review is for (when the Google Play integration is setup for multiple apps).

  • 0

    Just a comment: like many things lately, the integration setup cannot be completed on IE11. Using Firefox I was able to see the Accounts section under my Channel Integration and add the necessary information.

  • 0

    Hi, it looks like replies have stopping being picked up?  They were working fine for us until this week? (ish)

  • 0

    I contacted Support at the start of the week and they advised they had some latency problems recently - then all of a sudden 150 reviews appeared in our account.

    I'd say contact them to see if they're still having issues :)

  • 0

    There's just one HUGE limitation to this. Developer Google Play comments are limited to 350 characters, and Zendesk cannot count characters in my responses. Couldn't find any ZD app that does that, either.

  • 0

    Hi Noa,

    Have a look at this extension for Google, I had my team install it this morning:

    Hope it helps.

  • 0

    Hey, Noa - 

    We're planning to have a fix that acknowledges the character count go live this week! Sorry about that, it was a big oversight on our part, but a fix is incoming.

  • 1


    Is there any way to filter the ticket by star rated? Ex: I need to close all 5 star review ticket after 2 days or even exclude them in the ticket list.

  • 2

    Hey, Anh - 

    There's no default function for this (though we're looking into it), but you can use triggers to filter by star rating. Because the unicode symbol for stars is included in the first comment of the ticket, it's pretty easy to build a trigger whose conditions look for ★★★★★ and automatically close any ticket containing those. 

    We'll be looking into various kinds of filtering in a future update.

  • 1

    I can't add the integration. For the several dates there's this warning:


    You are currently viewing the interface for the Google Play integration. Information you enter into these fields is also shared with the app developer, Zendesk.
  • 3

    We're interested in this new feature however a few showstoppers on our end;

    If a user updates their Google Play review, this doesn't seem to be picked up by Zendesk via existing ticket or as a new ticket; So in essence we wouldn't know, unless looking via Google end, if a customer had edited their review?

    It doesn't seem to be possible to fitler Reviews based on App via Triggers/View? Perhaps tickets could include App Name/ID?

  • 0

    Thank you so much Max

  • 0

    I just noticed that under the gear, there is brand selector so you can use that to differentiate between your apps. 

  • 1

    It still doesn't work:

  • 0

    Hey Alex!

    I see that you getting help on this in a support ticket, so we'll continue working with you there!

  • 0

    The actual process of setting this up is about 5 times harder than is outlined in this tutorial. I think it may need a more precise walkthrough to be useful.. 



  • 0

    Hey Christian! Can you give me a little more detail on where you felt the walk-through fell short? I can then give that feedback to our Docs team to see about making some improvements.

  • 0


    Are there any plans to collect the user's language metadata? If you do it in the same way you import star ratings, we could create triggers to assign reviews based on language. 

  • 0

    A few updates here:

    • @anton you asked about documentation for building channels. That went live today
    • @anna you asked about dividing the different apps you manage into different views, and that also went live today in a different announcement
    • @Jack we're planning to fix language next; hopefully we should have something there in the next few weeks
    • @Anh we're now planning on looking at filters for both star ratings and character count; something we hope to address before the end of the year
  • 0

    @Max: Is there any way to filter the Google Play ticket and auto add the value to the custom fields? Ex: If the ticket is from Game A, Zendesk will auto file the custom field value "Game A".

  • 0

    Sure! You can set custom field values with a trigger, so you can now add a trigger with a condition that says [Integration account] [Is] [Game A], and an action that sets the value of the custom field to whatever you'd like. 

    Note that you can only set the values of custom drop down fields at the moment.

  • 0

    Thanks for your reply, Max. Could I be tagged when there's new on the language being imported please?

    In addition, I've noticed a bug whereby a review isn't imported to Zendesk if the reviewer does not have a user name in Google Play. I've observed this in every instance I've checked (12). 

    This was confirmed by looking through reviews in the Google Play Developer Console by order of submission and comparing it to Zendesk. In every case where a user did not have a profile name in the Developer Console view, the user's review was not present in Zendesk. 

    I also searched in Zendesk for the contents of those reviews where the user's name was missing, but could not find them. 

    Edited by Jack Elver-Fiddimore
  • 0

    Jack - 

    I'll update this post again when we have changes to the integration. We're investigating the issue you mentioned here. Thanks!

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