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  • Chris Stock
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    Hi there, is it possible to verify the JWT somehow? My server side code is returning a jwt, and I'm passing it to authenticate, but my widget is only returning public articles.

    Is there a way to check whether my jwt is valid?

  • Raviraj Patel
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    Hi there,
    I have followed all the steps as mentioned in the article but facing an error for the Authentication. How to validate JWT token as there's not a sample for .Net in case I am missing anything.



  • Bryan - Community Manager
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    One thing Raviraj Patel to check is make sure the generated JWT is valid. You can paste it into and see if it's valid. Otherwise, providing more specific errors from the your browser's network tab and console might be a good next step.

  • Ramesh Doddi
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    Hello, Server side (Rails) eg.

    current_time =

    payload = {:name =>,:email =>,:iat => current_time.to_i,:external_id =>,:exp => (current_time + 1.minutes).to_i}
    jwt = JsonWebToken.encode(payload,token id,current_time)
    frontend (angular)  i added required code snippet shared in the documentation. eg
    window.zESettings = webWidget: authenticate: chat: jwtFn: (callback) ->
      fetch(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/gettoken.json?id='+ (res) ->
         res.json().then (jwt) ->
             callback jwt
    But jwFn function never get executed to get token from my backend. could you please help if i miss anything??
  • co log
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    Im getting exception console "j.createHmac is not a function" in reactjs application.


    what are alternatives for jwt.package?


    Could you please help me to fix this ?


  • Greg - Community Manager
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    Hi co log! Would you mind sharing a bit more about the issue that you're running into here? Please share links to any libraries/dependencies that you're using.


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