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When you delete a ticket, it isn't actually permanently deleted - yet. Instead, it is moved into the Deleted Tickets view, where you can restore it (move it back into its original view) or permanently delete it.

Administrators and agents with permission to delete tickets can view and recover deleted tickets.

This article contains the following sections:

Viewing deleted tickets

Deleted tickets are moved into a Deleted Tickets view for 30 days, where you can restore them or permanently delete them. After 30 days they are automatically permanently deleted.

If an agent's permission to delete tickets is removed, then the agent will no longer be able to access the Deleted Tickets view.

To open the Deleted tickets view

  • Click the View icon () in the sidebar, then click Deleted tickets in the Views list.

    The deleted tickets appear in the main window.

You cannot open tickets directly from the Deleted tickets view. To view a previously-deleted ticket you'll need to restore it. Restoring a ticket returns it to its original view, exactly as it was before it was deleted.

Restoring a deleted ticket

While a ticket is in the Deleted Tickets view (for up to 30 days), you can restore it if you need to. When you restore a deleted ticket, it is removed from the Deleted Tickets view and appears in the view it was in before it was deleted.

To restore a deleted ticket

  1. Click the Views icon () in the sidebar, then click Deleted tickets in the Views list.
  2. Click the checkbox(es) beside the ticket(s) you want to recover.

    The deleted ticket options appear in the upper right.

  3. Click the deleted ticket options menu, then select Restore ticket.

    The recovered ticket is removed from the Deleted Tickets view and appears in the view it was in before it was deleted.

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    Thank you for this, but just as in Suspended Tickets view, we would like the ability to set permissions on who can see these types of views.

    Will this Deleted tickets view be available to all agents or can we change the view's permissions?

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    Is this a new default setting for all Agents to see the Deleted Tickets list at the bottom of the standard Views?  (I don't remember seeing it there last week...)



  • 1

    Hey guys!

    In the Viewing Deleted Tickets section above, it specifies that if a user doesn't have permission to delete a ticket, they will not be able to access the Deleted Tickets view. So if your users are allowed to delete, they'll see the view. Otherwise, no. :)

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    Sorting of columns in this view doesn't work.

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    Hello all,

    We found a serious issue with the 'Deleted Tickets' view. It shows all deleted tickets, also those that the engineer has no rights to view (as they do not have rights to that group). As our Management Assistants are in Zendesk as well this cause our engineers to be able to see confidential, private, emails. Albeit, only the Subject, but that can already be confidential.

    As it is possible to specifically hide the 'Deleted Tickets' view in the Roles, we have done that without removing the Delete rights themselves.

    We are reporting this issue to Zendesk Support and our account manager, but posted for everyone here as well.

    Kind regards,

    Raoul de Grunt

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    This is why you need to put these kind of features in BETA for feedback for an extended period. 

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    Can you please not show "Deleted Tickets" view in red. The red implies I need to take an action or requires my attention. This is not the case for Deleted Tickets.

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    Agreed, the red makes it look like an action is required and is very distracting.

    It's also very frustrating that we're unable to remove this from our views - I understand why a lot of people wanted this view, but it's not necessary for us. Is there a reason it can't be removed the same way any other view can be?

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    I found the switch to toggle the visibility of this View for your Agents.

    Under People > Roles > Edit, there's a checkbox for Can Delete Tickets and another for Can View Deleted Tickets.  If you toggle those off, your Agents associated with that Role shouldn't be able to see the Deleted Tickets view, or individual Deleted Tickets, either.  (see below)

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    Is anyone able to "sort" the deleted tickets view? I don't think the sorting is working at all - regardless of the column that you sort, regardless of the order (ascending/descending).

    Can anyone else also confirm this please?

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    @Ali -> they have acknowledged this bug and will be fixing it soon

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  • 0

    Thanks Storm.

    I must have missed that note :)

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    Some preview of the ticket on hover would be mighty useful - otherwise if the subject is unclear, our only option is to recover and go looking for it...

  • 2

    +1 to Andrew's above comment.

    Definitely a "hover over preview" would be really useful.

    The better option (ideally) would be if we can get the deleted tickets to be viewed the same way we can with the suspended tix (i.e. click on the ticket and it opens up the ticket in a lightbox)


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