How are calls routed to my agents in Zendesk Talk?

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  • Computer Overhauls

    Is there any way to have the calls served round robin until the defined max hold time is reached?   I want the call to bounce through each available agent even if they decline or are unable to answer it until the max hold time I've set of 10 minutes is reached.  We have a small retail store and often the phone reps may be dealing it an in-store customer for a few minutes; after which they are available to take incoming calls that are 'in the queue'  Having all the calls go immediately to voicemail if they agents are unable to answer it on the first attempt makes the entire system unusable.  We'd probably miss 80% of our calls that could have otherwise been answered after a few minutes of round robin.

    Is there a solution?


  • Jonny

    Happy Friday!

    I'd like to apologize for the inconvenience, as this isn't possible with the current round robin functionality in place. The maximum queue wait time will only come into play if for example, you have three agents online but one of them is in "wrap up mode" (status the agent is on after a call). If the call routes to one agent, then the other with no response - the customer will be kept in the queue for ten minutes because the agent in "wrap up mode" has the potential of becoming available to take their call. 


    I completely understand the need for something of this nature and appreciate you for bringing this to our attention. Since this isn't something we currently support, I would kindly encourage you to post your use case in our product feedback forums.


  • Patrick Harland-Lee

    Hi there, is there any future possibility of modifying the 30-second timeout before Talk starts ringing the next agent?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Patrick - 

    I was going to direct you to the Product Feedback topic, where the PMs hang out and sometimes respond to requests like yours, but I see you already posted over there. I've reached out to the product team to see if we can get an update on that for you. 

  • Ryan Gott

    It would also be helpful if there was a status that agents could use to receive call transfers without being subject to inbound calls. With only online and offline settings our agents aren't able to be available for transfer without also having calls routed to them, this makes it difficult for agents to be available for clients if there are calls in queue. 

  • Neo Rahman

    Hi, it appears in my team the call routing is not working the way it's expected to then. I have noticed agents sitting there as available, one agent has just gotten off a call and almost immediately gets offered the next call in the queue instead of any of the other agents who've been waiting for longer periods as available in the queue. Is this something that can be looked into at your end or is this something might potentially be a setting we need to do try and fix at our end? Please advise.

  • Jon Daniels

    Hey Neo!

    I've created a ticket with our team to help you investigate this, we'll troubleshoot further there!

  • George Birdas

    Hi Kate, 

    You mentioned that the agent that has been available the longest, without taking a call and is currently online, will be offered the next call that comes in. I would like help with how to determine which agent is available the longest and is offered a call that they are not accepting. 

    This will help me manage a a behavior issue. 

    Thank you


  • Greg

    Hi George!

    If you are on Talk Team, Professional, or Enterprise, you can utilize the agent activity portion of the Talk dashboard to see this information. If you're looking for this in more of a retrospective, historical standpoint, you can use the pre-built Insights dashboard to see how many calls were missed/declined by your agents. That will probably give you the most insight as to whether or not there are specific agents that tend to avoid calls more than one another.

  • Paul Stolz

    As Patrick asked above, is there any future possibility of modifying the 30-second timeout before Talk starts ringing the next agent?

  • Zeni Bandy

    Is there a way to assign calls coming into a specific person first, despite time since the last call? 

  • Chris Tout

    Any news on this Nicole?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Chris,

    I see you cross-posted your question in the following feedback post: Reducing the time delay between decline/unanswered call and next available agent.

    I've passed your question to the appropriate team and if they have any additional information to provide they will follow up.



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