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  • Michelle C

    Hello! We are observing an issue that is upsetting our clients... when they call in they are told that the wait time is approximately 2 minutes, and then they end up waiting about 12 or 13 minutes, and then they get sent to voicemail if no one can get free. How would you suggest we configure ZD in order to a) announce a more accurate wait time at the beginning and b) encourage more clients to use the callback request feature vs VM so they don't have to wait as long for help? We are often a day behind with the VM queue. c) at the cut off of the end of the queue time limit, can we give them the callback option instead of the VM option? It seems like they are only getting VM at that point.

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Michelle! As a potential solution to A and B, I would recommend adding additional information to your Greetings so that customers are aware that the estimate may be longer than the estimated time, and that you recommend selecting the callback option. For more information on greetings, check out this article: Managing outgoing greetings.

    As for C, it is not currently possible to change that behavior. As mentioned in this article:

    Callers who wait longer than the time specified in the maximum queue wait time are sent to voicemail.


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