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    Intis Kalnins

    We are just setting up Voice for our customer service team and I'm not sure how the call flows work. When agents aren't available what happens? Is there a message for that?

    Our current phone system has an out of hours message that directs the call to our voicemail.

    Just unclear how to script the messages when I cant see anything that shows how the calls are routed.


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    Ryan Nichols

    Hi Intis, thanks for your comment! In Zendesk Voice, If no agents are available, the call is routed to voicemail, just as in your current system. Hope that help!

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    Intis Kalnins

    So no intro message to say agents are unavailable? As in, you call and just get played the voicemail message right away?

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    Are call options available?

    So for example can we do the following?

    Press 1 during business hours, get placed in queue to reach agent
    Press 1 outside business hours, get alternate out of hours recorded message
    Press 2 at any time, hear repeating message (1) until caller disconnect
    Press 3 at any time, hear repeating message (2) until caller disconnect
    Press 4 at any time, hear repeating message (3) until caller disconnect

    In the case option 1 the caller reaches an agent over the phone (if within business hours/agent available/logged in), in the case of options 2, 3 and 4 the caller doesn't reach an agent, but gets a repeating message that details how to reach our Knowledge Base and submit a support ticket online.

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Intis and Michael, 

    The article configuring voicemail options may have some helpful info for you.

    If you're on the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can route incoming calls via IVR. This will allow you to create a menu with options callers can choose through keypresses. You can build a simple phone tree with one level or, if you have a complex support team structure, layer multiple menu levels together.

    Check those out and let us know if that helps or if you have additional questions. 

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    Kate Hope


    I want to change our available agents greeting for a custom message. I have recorded and saved this and it shows as the set greeting but when I call to check I am still played the default greeting?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Kate! 

    Can you give us more detail about exactly how you have everything set up? 

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    Stefan G (Edited )

    It would be great to have the option to upload different greetings for holidays which are set up in the schedule than the standard "Outside schedule" Voicemail.

    Currently the only way is to upload the desired greeting before the holiday and re-upload the standard greeting afterwards again.

    This can be very tiring and is error prone if you have multiple schedules and country/language lines.

    \Edit: I have created a product feedback regarding that - feel free to upvote! 

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    Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Stefan - 

    Thanks for that feedback! I encourage you to post it in the Product Feedback topic, which the Product Managers read through on a regular basis. 

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