Assigning or reassigning articles with Team Publishing (Guide Enterprise)

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  • Yann Souetre
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    Hello, is it possible to assign an article to an end user (requester role); or is it only restricted to agents ?

    If yes, is it even posssible for an end-user to create a draft content ?

    The question seems weird, but it could be usefull in our case: we have internal workflow documents in our comapny, involving several other teams (end users, not agents). Such a possibility could let them fill a document with various informations and then make it finalized by an agent in order to process one or several tickets related.

  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Yann!

    Articles can only be assigned to agents, so you won't be able to put together that workflow in Zendesk. Google Drive is a great collaboration tool that could work, though. Then your agents can just copy/paste the content when it's ready and publish.

  • Jennifer Rowe
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    I've updated the article to make it clearer that articles are assigned to agents, not end users (and only agents who have permission to edit the article being assigned). Thanks!


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Stephen - 

    An "agent" is someone who uses one of your company's "agent" licenses. Typically this is going to be an employee who has permissions to use parts of Zendesk (such as one of your support agents) but is not an admin. So basically you have four roles: 

    • Owner - this is the person who is the owner of your Zendesk product account. This may or may not be the same as your Admin. 
    • Admin(s) - these folks have permissions to do pretty much anything you need in your Zendesk product instance. They manage permissions, can customize things, etc. 
    • Agents - this is the next level down from Admins, they have the ability to do some things but not others. This is typically going to be your employees, such as your support team or writers. 
    • End-users - your customers. They can't do anything but file a ticket with you. 

    I hope that helps clarify things. Let us know if you have further questions!

  • Rebecca McMurry
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    I need two lists of articles. I need a list of articles by assignee and another list by author. I was hoping to get this list from the manage articles screen. I do not see a way to easily get this information. The only way I see to the get the information is to click into each article. Is there an easier/quicker way for me to get the information?

    I am using Guide Enterprise.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Rebecca,

    You can pull a list of your Help Center articles using the API:

    Once you have your list you can side-load by author. More information in the following documentation:

    Hope this helps!

  • William Chase Myer
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    Question/request: Is there a functionality in the works to have a "take it" option with guide articles like there is for tickets in support? 

    Our help center consists of 900+ articles, many composed from agents who no longer work here, thus articles have no authors or owners and I have to type in a name every time. This is a small issue but the time it takes adds up. 



  • Devan - Community Manager
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    Hello William,

    Currently, there is nothing we can announce regarding your request being a part of our development roadmap. I would recommend posting this request on our Product Feedback page so our Guide team an consider this suggestion for potential future updates. 

    Best regards. 


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