Understanding Guide user permissions for knowledge base access (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Taylor Goldsberry
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    I am unable to remove User Segments from a User, I am also prevented from deleting a user segment even though there are no articles/users associated with the Segment. 

  • Jon Daniels
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    Hey Taylor!

    I see you have reached out to us directly, and an agent is working with you on resolving this.

    We look forward to your response on that request!

  • Ivelin Ivanov
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    But how I can set permission for a section? I want to hide some section from all users and I want these section to be visible only by partners.

  • Jennifer Rowe
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    Hi Ivelin,

    If you want to set permissions for all articles in a section, you can do it using bulk actions. 

    First create an article list, filtered by the section you want to restrict. 


    Then select all the articles in the list and bulk update the permissions.


    Hope that helps! 

  • Simon McConnell
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    I have two sections, one with generally available articles, and a second with articles restricted to a certain group of users.

    I create a user segment for the chosen group.

    I create an article in the second section, and set it as Visible to the chosen group segment.

    Does this then mean that from the main landing page the second section is not visible to users who are not part of the chosen group?

    The goal is to redirect all users to a landing page, and if they are in the chosen group, they see additional information.

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Simon,

    So if you have all articles within a Section available to only users within a chosen user segment, that section will be completely hidden fro users outside that user segment. Same goes for Categories. If all Sections within a Category are hidden due to all articles within those Sections being visible to specific users, then the Category itself will be hidden from any users outside that segment.

    Let me know if the above doesn't make sense :)

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Stephen,

    There's no option to limit visibility at the section level. This is limited to the article editing page. However, if all articles within a section are restricted to only signed-in users then that section will only be visible to signed-in users. If all articles within the section are restricted to only agents and managers then the section will also only be visible to agents and managers.

    I hope the above make sense!


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