Creating user segments for Guide user permissions

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  • Amy Gracer

    @... Are you still seeing this error? When I have seen it in the past, it has usually been a permissions or network issue. Logging out entirely, closing the browser, and restarting has seemed to fix it. 

  • Samuel Mosher

    It would be helpful to have user segments also consider custom user fields as evaluation criterion. Right now, our team would need to have an external process update tags via API, which is not slick. Having extra user data available between support and guide would make this process far easier.

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    @... - Our end users can no longer access Guide through IE because of an error on the Zendesk sign in page. If we bypass the sign in screen, then the site works with no problem.

    If you don't use a sign in for Guide, then I'd suspect that it will likely work. However, there's no guarantee since it's an "old" browser.

  • Kate Ambash

    Is having end users sign in the only way to gate help centers?

  • Karen Beltran

    Hi Kate!

    Yes, that is the only way, is to restrict the Help Center.

    Restricting Help Center access to signed-in end-users


  • Nigel


    Can I create a user who can only access Guide workspace but not the other workspaces such as Support, Chats, talks, etc? 

    Hoping to hear from you soon. 


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