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    Allison Sargent

    Hi there, 


    I have a question for Enterprise users. I am in need of a mass re-structure of my help site. I am fairly new to Zendesk and my company. I want to re-organize articles and sections/delete some, move others etc. However, I want to do it slowly (not all at once.) I want to make changes and save those changes but not impact what the end-user is seeing. Essentially I want to create a new theme (with the newly organized categories/sections and articles then set it as live and have it update at once. .

    How would I go about that? FYI - I know how to move them around on the arrange content side, but I need to make changes not "all at once"



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    Gab Guinto (Edited )

    Hi Allison,

    When you make changes to an already published article, it will immediately be updated on your customer-facing Help Center. Your end-users will be able to see the changes made on an article.

    You may create unpublished copies of each article while you are still rearranging your knowledge base content. You can then just delete all published articles, and publish the new ones once everything's set and ready. 

    You may also want to consider setting up your Sandbox. This will require you to export/import your help center data between your main instance and your sandbox. 

    Hope this helps. Thanks!

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    Allison Sargent

    Thanks, Gab!

    That is what I have been hearing is the best way to re-organize my help center content (duplicate articles). 

    I have set up SANDBOX but to my understanding it is helpful mainly for coding/layout and not the actual content of the articles. IE: I wanted to create a theme in SANDBOX and set it as live to the production instance but that is not possible. 

    It would be nice to not have to duplicate the articles when I am re-categorizing them but seems like that is the best way to do so at this point in time. 

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