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  • Marrit
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    I'm looking into non-automated ways to add tags to tickets.

    Why non-automated? Because people could reply on e-mails that we sent, with certain text in it. If I create a trigger to add a tag, because we think people write us about that subject, tickets get also tagged, if the text contains us writing about it and the user replying on that email with a total different question.

    Is there a possibility - or maybe an add-on - that prompts every ticket with the question to add certain tags?

    For us it would work this way: you are prompted to choose the main subject/category of that ticket to be added in. So for example different product groups, of different features of your product.

  • Sebastian Kavanaugh
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    Good Day,

    Let's say I have a View created that I want to specifically Search through, is that possible? Or is there any way to use the Search tool to narrow my search to only be within a particular View I am using or have created?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Sebastian,

    There's no way to search tickets through a view at this time. You may be able to search based on the conditions you've set up in your view, however. I'd recommend taking a look at our Zendesk Support Search Reference for more information.

    Let me know if you have additional questions for me.



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