Why do I get an "access denied" error?

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  • Jordan Scott Premick

    I'm receiving the same error on one random support request within our platform.  This has nothing to do with a web page for me but I am trying to respond to a client request.  This is spread across my entire team.  The end-user settings do not indicate any issues

  • Travis Rider

    Hello Jordan,

    I've created a ticket for this issue since it will require some investigating in your account. Keep an eye out for an email from us.



  • Seth McMillan

    I'm having the same issue, as the account owner, when creating automations.

    "You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this Zendesk for further help."

    Any solution to this yet?

  • Madison Davis

    Hi Seth! I took a peek at the ticket you submitted to our Support team and apologize for any confusion. For any onlooking readers, this message will also appear if you attempt to access a feature that is not included on your plan. I'll update the article to reflect this as a possible cause in some environments. 

  • Oskars Putnins

    Hello, one of our agent have the same problem. He cant log in! What can we do about it?

  • Madison Davis

    Hi Oskars! I'm sorry to hear that's happening! If you've followed the steps outlined in this article to confirm the agent is accessing a page they ought to have access to, I think it will be best to create a ticket for further investigation. I'll meet you there shortly!

  • Matt

    We had the same issue where it was reporting "access denied" when my agent was attempting to log in to his account. This ended up being related to the browser Cache.

    By clearing all cookies and Cached items (but not browser history, in the case which that is still needed) he was able to log in successfully.

    We had been told that this is due to the auto-cache function of Zendesk which was designed to make workflow quicker (which it does, most of the time).


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing what fixed the issue for you Matt :) 


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