Understanding when email replies become public or private comments

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  • RJ Hines

    Thank you, Amy, this guide has been exceptionally helpful!

    One quick note - under 'When Replies Become a Public Comment':

    • "If a requester or CC replies to a ticket notification, and the requester is not on the reply, the reply becomes a public comment. It doesn’t matter whether the author of the email is an end user or agent.

    This particular criteria (in bold) is identical to the first criteria for under 'When Replies Become a Private Comment'. Is this a typo in the Public Comment section? I feel like it should read 'and the requester is ON the reply' instead. Would you be able to clarify this, please?

    Thank you!

  • Amy Malka

    Hi RJ—I checked with our team and you are correct.

    Under “When replies become public comments,” the first bullet item should say “and the requester is on the reply.” I’ve corrected that. Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Zach Hanes

    I understand the logic of "If a requester or CC replies to a ticket notification, and the requester isn’t on the reply, the reply become a private comment."

    However, this has created a separate issue for us. When a CC makes a private comment, the "next SLA breach" counter is not reset. We use that counter to sort our queue by customer wait time. This means these tickets sink to the bottom, and it happens several times a day. 

    Am I out of luck? Is there no way to trigger the "next response" SLA on end-user private comments?

  • Kristal Lam

    @Zach - Thanks for sharing this. Would you mind creating a ticket with support@zendesk.com and we can look into this. Thanks! 

  • Zach Hanes

    Thanks, Kristal. I have an open ticket (#4551210), and I've made a community post:


  • Neil

    So if an agent, assignee or requester CCs an email address not associated with a user in Zendesk, what happens? And what happens if that non-user then replies-all either to the notification, or the original email?

  • DJ Jimenez

    (strikeout below)

    If the original security concern of a third-party reply making an update to a ticket is the fact they can cc themselves to a ticket and continue to receive updates, is converting the update to private comment part necessary then? If they are unable to receive ticket responses through the cc function, is there still a security concern if the third-party update comes in as a public comment?

    (strikeout above)

    Nevermind - yes it is. That third party could pose as an "agent" or collaborating customer and ask the requester to click a dangerous link.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    @Neil if the agent/assignee/requester CC's a new user then a profile is automatically created for that user that's CC'd. Assuming you have Enable CC's on tickets enabled under Admin>Settings>Tickets. If the CC'd user replies to the notification then that comment would then be added to the ticket as a public response. If an agent/requester were to instead forward the email without actually CC'ing the user and then that user replied, their response would show up as an internal note.

    @DJ thanks for sharing this!


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