Navigating the dashboard with keyboard shortcuts

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  • Sam Trachtenberg

    Hello, I have a German keyboard, and the ~ symbol is on my + key. What shortcut can I use to serve a chat request?


  • Joel Hellman

    These shortcuts are terrible on a non-US keyboard where ; \ / [ ] require modifier keys, and where these shortcuts therefore doesn't work.

  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    I agree, these particular shortcuts, and the inability for us to modify them, prevents most non-US agents from taking advantage of this otherwise awesome feature.

    Surely some more generic key combinations are available, so everyone can use keyboard shortcuts in chat.

  • David Spector

    I think we all need a shortcut that toggles the Online Mode on and off. It should be easy and quick to walk away from your computer!

  • David Spector

    The funny thing is that your dashboard doesn't seem to be accessible to blind and visually impaired people because it accepts only mouse input, not keyboard input! You will have to change this to be compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 (see

  • Tejeev

    Is there no way to modify shortcuts?

    Many of these overlap with established (for 10+ years so harder to reprogram in my head) shortcuts for my OS and my browsers, were minor changes would make them actually useable..


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