Creating conditional ticket fields in Zendesk Support (Professional Add-on and Enterprise)

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  • Deidre Jones

    Zendesk conditional fields doesn't allow me to add fields that are already used in separate conditions on the same form. Some of our workflows are status based. When a certain status is selected then field 1, field 2, and field 3 display. When the ticket goes to the next status field 4, field 5, and field 6 display. When the ticket moves to the next status I need to display field 1, field 2, field 5,field 7, and field 8. To use the Zendesk conditional fields I will have to create duplicate and triplicate fields to conform to what we have now. 

    I hope this feature can be added before the conditional fields app is deprecated. If not we will be back to 96+ forms. Also, contextual workplaces isn't an option because of how our tickets move to different departments. 

  • matthewl

    Hi there,

    While trying out the new built-in Conditional Fields in Sandbox mode, I notice that I am unable to replicate one particular important function which the current Conditional Fileds V1 App allows me to do.

    • Making a field Required makes the field Required to submit"Agent" cannot submit the request until they complete the required field.
    • The "Submit" button will be greyed out until an Agent fills up the Required field.

    How do I replicate this function with the new built-in Conditional Fields?

    I am very reluctant to do the migration at the moment until I have a clearer picture of this matter.

    Please advise

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Matthew,

    Currently there's no way to replicate this with the built-in conditional fields. However, this feedback was brought up during the EAP for this feature. I've reached out to our Product Managers and they confirmed that they are looking into ways to resolve this limitation long term.

    Thanks for sharing this feedback with us :)

  • McCabe Tonna

    Thanks Amy,

    TY for including search ability + clone ability for these. 


    Also agree with Matt

  • Justin Federico

    Will there be any granularity added to this feature?

    We use a third party app to expose particular drop-down options in a ticket field when a condition is met rather than just the ticket field itself. This feature would allow us to replace the third party app with this native conditional ticket fields functionality. 

  • Ola Timpson

    We would also love to be able to show/hide options within a field based on the contents of another field.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Justin,

    There is no plan to include this functionality in the conditional fields feature at this time. If you're looking for this specific functionality you'll want to utilize solutions provided by our partners such Cloudset or your existing app to fill that gap. I've passed this feedback along to the appropriate team for you as well :)


  • Justin Federico

    Thanks Brett. We are currently using Cloudset.

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Happy to help Justin :)

  • Josh Keller

    I'd love to be able to use Multi-Select fields as parent fields in conditions. So if the user selects multiple options in this parent field, child fields for each of those options should appear.

    But overall I think this new UI is much easier to deal with than the v1 version. Thanks!


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