Creating conditional ticket fields in Zendesk Support (Professional add-on and Enterprise)

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  • Ravin Subramaniam

    Hi, I have similar request as @Albert Aguilar. Referring to the example above, I don't want "Child 1" or Child 2" fields. Instead I want one filed only. Say "Child" but the values should be dependent to the selection in "Parent" field. Is this possible? Matt McLean

  • Dave Tonks

    JP Support: Mick and Ravin Subramaniam +1!


    I'm finding that rather than assisting us, the conditional fields/forms setup is proving frustrating in that we're spending a fair bit of time finding loopholes/workarounds in Zendesk to achieve our goals.

    In our case, we need a way of simply saying if Type = Task AND Parent = 'Show Child 1' THEN show this field.

    Moreover, we wouldn't need the above at all if conditional values were possible, rather than conditional fields.

  • Marci Abraham

    When an end-user submits a ticket with conditional fields, the dropdowns do not have the matching information selected when the agent views the ticket. The tags are created, but the agent still has to change the fields to match the tags. Is this the expected behavior? or did I miss something in setup?


  • Anthony DelCampo

    Marci Thats odd,  I just triple checked one of my forms after reading your comment.  On my end, we have a few conditions but the fields are filled in for a Multi text, or Dropdown. 

  • Kevin Arnoult

    Hi Zendesk team!

    Having conditional fields to work on multi-select fields has been requested several times already.

    Would that be on your roadmap?

    Also would you have any workaround while it's not available in the meantime by any chance?

  • Kevin Lewis

    How do I use conditional fields to populate options from a conditional type without having those fields show up in the ticket request form. As of now, I am forced to include all the fields to have them show up as conditional field options...but the fields all show in the ticket request form prior to the parent level options being selected. I don't want any of these options to even show until a specific field is selected at the parent level. 

  • Fridtjof Hals


    Is there any way to add two conditions to a field?
    As in using an and in the if statement?

    If a and b then show c

  • Mark Leci

    Has there been any progress on making a field required on submit? This currently doesn't seem possible. For example, if I have a (custom dropdown) field A, the only way to make it required is to set it as required based on when another field B is set. However if the agent submitting the form doesn't fill in either A or B, the form accepts the request. There's also no way to get around this using something like a trigger, because a trigger only runs on submit (and apparently after the form conditions are validated). So a trigger that automatically sets field B will not cause the form to be rejected. This is currently generating quite a bit of unnecessary work for my team so I would love to see it fixed. 

    Setting the field itself as 'required on submit' also doesn't seem to work, as the default value for a dropdown field is blank, which the system treats as a value so doesn't give any error. 

  • Robbie Chasse

    @mark Yes it is possible. 

    Yes it is possible


    You can also set a trigger with the condition to always be met with X, you can have as many triggers as you want with as many conditions. I just did this for a check box to send a trigger if checked and a different one if unchecked. 

  • Mark Leci

    Robbie Chasse can you expand on that please? I'm not sure how a trigger makes the field required on submit. 


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