Creating conditional ticket fields in Zendesk Support (Professional add-on and Enterprise)

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  • Ravin Subramaniam
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    Hi, I have similar request as @Albert Aguilar. Referring to the example above, I don't want "Child 1" or Child 2" fields. Instead I want one filed only. Say "Child" but the values should be dependent to the selection in "Parent" field. Is this possible? Matt McLean

  • Dave Tonks
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    JP Support: Mick and Ravin Subramaniam +1!


    I'm finding that rather than assisting us, the conditional fields/forms setup is proving frustrating in that we're spending a fair bit of time finding loopholes/workarounds in Zendesk to achieve our goals.

    In our case, we need a way of simply saying if Type = Task AND Parent = 'Show Child 1' THEN show this field.

    Moreover, we wouldn't need the above at all if conditional values were possible, rather than conditional fields.


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