Zendesk Chat triggers conditions and actions reference

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  • Zac
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    I think this article should be updated to reflect the availability of the action "Set Visitor Department".

  • Diego García
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    it's possible to get de ticketid trought a placeholder in the chat triggers? 


    Than you

  • Diego García
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    Hi, pls help, in this article don't explain the Visitor_status filed. 


    Thank you

  • Karsten M. Jensen
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    What are the conditions for "Visitor Status > Idle"?

  • Alban Leandri
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    Still not clear what is the action "Set triggered". What does it mean, practically speaking? Can you provide details and use cases, please?

  • Vivek Mishra
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    I want to set platform specific trigger, which fires only on android...

    I have set Visitor Platform = Android

    it's working fine, but when i access same in website using chrome browser on mobile in that case also it is being fired.. How to set a trigger condition that it is fired only on android app and not on any android browsers.

  • Emily
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    https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000084427 - "What are the conditions for "Visitor Status > Idle"?"

  • Glen
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    Trigger placeholders list above needs to be updated by below. There are 29, above it shows only 15.































  • Joann Boznos
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    Is it possible to insert a placeholder for the agent's name?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Joann,

    The Trigger placeholders are designed to only detect the visitor's information at this time. I'm afraid there's no way to configure a Trigger to populate the agent's name.

    If this is something you're interested in, I encourage you to create a post in our Chat Product Feedback forum for our Product Managers to review.


  • Eduardo Barrientos
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    Is there an action to close the chat if solicitor is idle or absent for x period of time?

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Eduardo,

    There's currently no Trigger condition that will close a chat automatically for an end-user based on the amount of time that has passed. This needs to be manually closed by the agent/end-user.

    I did some digging on our end and it looks like one of our Chat Product Managers addressed this question on the following feedback post: Automatically close chat based on time of no response

    Feel free to update the feedback post and provide your use-case for our Product Managers to review.


  • Deniz
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    We tag our end-users in Zendesk Support, and use tags in ticket triggers. For example if a user is a vip the ticket is assigned to the relevant department.

    How can we achieve the same on chat channel? We dont require login on our help desk and javascript visitor add-tag is not implemented on our site. End-user fill in the form with their email address when requesting chat or contacting us. 

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi M.Denis,

    What you could do is use skills-based routing to automatically route VIP chats to a specific department on your account. More information can be found here: Routing chats based on agent skills

    So you would create a skill called VIP and then add the VIP tag on the visitor using the Javascript API based on when they are logged into your website.

    I hope this points you in the right direction!

  • Deniz
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    Hi Brett

    Thank you for your reply.

    We have looked into javascript API and skill routing. Skill based routing is fine, it will fullfill our routing requirement. However for routing to work, the end-user needs to be identified first.

    For Javascript API to work the external site needs to identify the user and add the tag to user's chat session each time. 

    In our case we do not authenticate end-users to Zendesk on the site. VIP end-users are tagged in Zendesk Support. Users fill in the chatform and put in their email adress when requesting a chat. Now in chat triggers we need to indefy the user by using end-user tag data stored in Zendesk Support and route the chat to the correct team. 

    From your answer I understand that this is not possible with Zendesk Chat. Chat triggers can only use the session data that the external site populate. Is this correct?

  • Devan - Community Manager
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    On Wednesday, September 25, from 9:00am-11:00am CDT, we'll have a special guest team of experts on hand to answer your questions and address product feedback about All Things Chat in your Zendesk Chat instance for an AMA-style conversation!

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    Where can I find documentation about how to use Chat? 

    Check out this amazing in-depth list of Chat resources. This document includes links to official documentation, videos, community user tips, and more.

  • David Coleman
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    Is there a way to possibly do one of the following with triggers or JavaScript:

    1. After the visitor sends an initial message, test that 5 minutes has past (I know this part is possible) and then offer them the other web widget options to remind them of the alternatives?

    2. If all agents are serving their max visitors (we set it to 2 max), to update the widget settings to hide the Chat option?

    Our goal is to prevent long wait times to either let visitors know wait times are long and "here are other options" or to hide Chat from the web widget launcher if all agents are serving customers to prevent long wait times.


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