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  • Johann Lazarus

    Is there any way to share the dashboards via email to external email addresses. I have some customer specific dashboards that I need sent out on a monthly basis and these need to go to people who are not agents or don't raise tickets in Zendesk.

  • Tim Shannon

    I would like to see that as well.

  • Jessica Blake

    Hi Johann and Tim,

    At the moment there isn't a way to share dashboards with external parties. As a workaround you can export the dashboard and then send the file on from there.

    There is also currently a feature request in our help center requesting that particular feature and I highly recommend you head to that post to up-vote and share your use-case to help influence the future functionality of Explore.

  • Tim Shannon

    Thank you Jessica!

  • Christopher Kenrick

    Hi Jessica,

    I cannot find the above link - may be removed??
    I find it surprising that we cannot share it out to external parties - especially when it is something that can be done with GoodData - and if Explore is going to replace GoodData - it needs that functionality!

    Is there any plans???


  • Jessica Blake

    Hi Chris,

    My apologies! You should be able to find the feature request post here.

    I recommend you share your feedback above in the post. You can also follow the post to get updates from our product managers on this feature request. 


  • Rui Chaves

    Hi there,

    Wanted to double check if a person that has created dashboards leaves the company, do the dashboards vanish? Or is there a way that if these are shared with someone else, regardless of who the owner is, if he leaves the company and his account is disabled, would the dashboards still be available?



  • Jessica Blake

    Hi Rui,

    Thanks for the question! When you delete an agent or downgrade them to an end-user you will still have access to any queries and dashboards they created. It will just show that the dashboard or query was created by a deleted user, like my screenshot below:

    I hope that helps!

  • Stephanie Hamner

    Are you able to edit dashboards that a deleted user created? I cannot seem to edit the queries once in the dashboard.

  • Jessica Blake

    Hi Stephanie,

    You should be able to edit dashboards and queries that a deleted user created. There might be something more going on in your case, so I'll send you a ticket to follow up!


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