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  • Ellen Livengood

    Tried this but it doesn't work right.

    I have a query set up and it is working fine, however I want to rename the column attributes. This is a pie chart, if that matters. I create a Renamed Set as above, where I rename each of my column attributes to a different value and click Save. I can see this in my list of Renamed Sets, however nothing happens to the chart, the labels on the chart do not change. I don't need to reorder them, just rename them.

    Is there something not described above that I need to do to apply the Renamed Set to the chart?

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Ellen, I just wanted to check. After you save the renamed set, did you replace the attribute in the Columns panel with your new renamed set attribute (see the final step above)?

    If you have done that and it doesn't work, you might need to open a ticket so that we can work with you to find out what's going wrong.

  • Ellen Livengood

    I did try that, but when I do that the chart changes such that there is only one pie piece, vs. 3-4 when I use the original attribute. So it is doing something odd.

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Ellen, sorry that didn't work for you. Adding the renamed set attribute is the way to do this, so if it's not working clearly something else is wrong. I'd advise opening a ticket. Thanks.

  • Daniel Alesi

    Hi - after creating a renamed set for Ticket Created - Week of Year, and replacing the attribute on a Column, the data becomes unpullable for some reason.

    Week of Year, data pulled nicely:

    Renamed set for Week of Year, error:

    I did not change any other data on the query, and can reproduce as needed by simply changing between Week of Year and a renamed version.

    Any help appreciated, thanks!

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the post!  We have received your ticket and will work with you through there to continue troubleshooting this issue!


  • Daniel Yousaf

    Hi Patrick!

    I am also experiencing this issue when I follow these directions for Ticket Created - Hour.  Please let me know if there's a resolution on the other Daniel's ticket, or if you'd like to open a ticket to troubleshoot separately :)



  • Jessica G.

    Hey Daniel Yousaf!

    I'm creating a ticket for you regarding this matter so we can follow it up from there :)


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