Scheduling articles for publishing and unpublishing

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  • Carly

    This is a good win for Guide! In addition is Unpublish, I think there's still a need for the ability to schedule articles for archive.

    This would be extremely helpful for articles on features/products that will no longer be supported and would save knowledge managers from setting reminders to do this on the day features ride off into the sunset.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us Carly!

  • Carolynn Carriger

    I would also say that the Article Settings not being able to be scheduled is a problem. Some of our articles go through stages where employees need access before we release to everyone, so I have to have the article published already so my internal people can access it. If I want to change the visibility, category/section, or something else in the settings and schedule it, I can't. I'm stuck with having to either a) unpublish the article during a low-traffic time (not ideal) and then schedule it to publish with all new settings, or b) manually set that no matter the day/time it needs to be visible (also not ideal). 

    Honestly, my boss and I were excited to get access to this feature because we thought it would avoid me having to manually publish some articles on Sundays--so they're available no matter when our (global) teams log in to start their work week on Sunday/Monday.

    Is there any feasible workaround to this? Or is this on the roadmap to address?

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Carolynn,

    I want to confirm that how I'm thinking about this is correct:

    You put an article at a Published status so your internal staff can review it. During this time, you need to change an Article Setting - for example, the Section it's published in - but you don't want that change in the Article Settings to happen until a particular date and time.You still want the article published but only want those changes in the Article Settings to take effect at a certain time and date?



  • Bill Cicchetti

    Carolynne  have you thought about initially assigning articles  a user segment that is  only assigned to internal users and/or users who need to review it before making it public? 

  • dan

    We'd love the ability to schedule an article to publish with more specificity than the current "on-the-hour" intervals.  We have campaigns, partnerships, and special events that occasionally launch at 8:30 am EST, for example, and it's frustrating that we need to manually publish the corresponding article in Guide, instead of scheduling it to publish.

  • Dawn Phelps

    Adding my vote to adding functionality to pre-schedule Archiving content, not just unpublishing. We leverage temporary "bulletin" type content for our internal teams that drive visibility to updates or temporary contact drivers. Being able to archive and not just unpublish would be more valuable to us and align with other CMS systems. 


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