Scheduling articles for publishing and unpublishing

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  • Carly

    This is a good win for Guide! In addition is Unpublish, I think there's still a need for the ability to schedule articles for archive.

    This would be extremely helpful for articles on features/products that will no longer be supported and would save knowledge managers from setting reminders to do this on the day features ride off into the sunset.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for taking the time to share this with us Carly!

  • Carolynn Carriger

    I would also say that the Article Settings not being able to be scheduled is a problem. Some of our articles go through stages where employees need access before we release to everyone, so I have to have the article published already so my internal people can access it. If I want to change the visibility, category/section, or something else in the settings and schedule it, I can't. I'm stuck with having to either a) unpublish the article during a low-traffic time (not ideal) and then schedule it to publish with all new settings, or b) manually set that no matter the day/time it needs to be visible (also not ideal). 

    Honestly, my boss and I were excited to get access to this feature because we thought it would avoid me having to manually publish some articles on Sundays--so they're available no matter when our (global) teams log in to start their work week on Sunday/Monday.

    Is there any feasible workaround to this? Or is this on the roadmap to address?

  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Carolynn,

    I want to confirm that how I'm thinking about this is correct:

    You put an article at a Published status so your internal staff can review it. During this time, you need to change an Article Setting - for example, the Section it's published in - but you don't want that change in the Article Settings to happen until a particular date and time.You still want the article published but only want those changes in the Article Settings to take effect at a certain time and date?



  • Bill Cicchetti

    Carolynne  have you thought about initially assigning articles  a user segment that is  only assigned to internal users and/or users who need to review it before making it public? 

  • dan

    We'd love the ability to schedule an article to publish with more specificity than the current "on-the-hour" intervals.  We have campaigns, partnerships, and special events that occasionally launch at 8:30 am EST, for example, and it's frustrating that we need to manually publish the corresponding article in Guide, instead of scheduling it to publish.


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