Explore recipe: Satisfaction trending year-over-year

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  • Amie B
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    I'd like to share a quick tip for this report to make it even better to read. This is how my version of this report looks, showing actual percentages. 



    To achieve the above:


    1. You'll need to change the display format values for the metrics to a percentage under Edit>Chart Config.


    2. Make sure the "show all" option for the values is visible. 



    3. Lastly, you can put some fancy diamonds or squares for the specific data points on the report.


    Hope this helps. :)

  • Rob Stack
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    Hi Amie B, thanks so much for sharing these great tips! I agree that they really do make the report look even better.

    We always love hearing how people take these recipes and build on them to produce new things. Thanks again!


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