Chart types for comparing trends over time

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  • Henry Alley

    Is there a way you can plot data over multiple years by months in sequence? 

  • Tina Yates

    Henry Alley.  Not sure if this is what you need but if you place year before month in the column section you will see each month and listed below the months will be the year.


  • Paul Strauss

    So I'm confused about something. I've created a KPI report and a Sparkline report for the same data - in this case, Average Call Duration. The KPI is based on the last seven days through yesterday, and the Sparkline is based on the last 3 months through yesterday, with the graph based on week of year.

    The odd thing is that the "Last" value in the sparkline is never the same as the average value as the KPI, which SHOULD be for the same period of time. Am I doing something wrong, or misunderstanding how these two report formats reflect the same data? See below for an example of one such duo of reports:


  • Rachel Orio

    Hi @pstrauss,

    Furhter investigation is needed on your concern so we can I identify what's causing the issue. A ticket is created on your behalf kindly expect an email shortly stating the ticket has been created.

    Best regards,

    Rachel Orio


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