Explore Recipe: Creating an agent leaderboard for solved tickets

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  • Kris Parker
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    I've created this leaderboard, however when I created a second metric to track it's not working correctly. As far as that goes, it's not reading my other field correctly at all...

    Any idea why it's returning incorrect for this Puzzle Point field? It doesn't matter if I use the Sum or Count. See the screenshots for clarity.


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Kris,

    I'm going to bring this into a ticket so our Customer Advocacy team can take a look at these reports with you.

    You'll receive an email shortly stating your ticket has been created.


  • Liz
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    Is there any kind of time delay with this report? When I look at "recently solved" bucket, it doesn't match up to what the table shows. 

  • Rob Stack
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    Hi Liz, the only delay should be that Explore Professional updates its datasets once every hour meaning that within an hour the numbers should be up to date. If you're experiencing something different, let me know and we'll open up a ticket on your behalf.

  • Gabi P
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    how can I make one query to have a total of tickets solved and internal comments by each agent per day?
    I use D_count or Count? Can I have one example how can I do that?
    Tks ;) 

  • Katie Dougherty
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    Hi Gabi P,

    There is an "internal comments" metric you can use to track the number of internal comments on a ticket by an agent.  For more information on available metrics, please visit the Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Support article (Ticket updates section). 

    Steps include: 

    1. Select the Support > Ticket Updates dataset 
    2. Add the metric Internal Comments (generally, we recommend using the default count option, but you can read more about the difference here: What is the difference between D_Count and Count?
    3. Add the metric Tickets Solved
    4. Add the Assignee Name to the rows of your report 
    5. Add a time filter for the date range you prefer

    Please let me know if this answers your question! 

  • Ric Clements
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    i have created a simlar but can't find a away to sort by agent alphabetically? Please can you help?



  • Devan
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    Hello Ric Clements,

    All you would need to do is remove the changes instructed above since the default would sort agents alphabetically. :D

    Best regards. 

  • Lesley Heizman
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    I've setup this query and it works great-now I'd like to share it with other agents via the dashboard. What I am debating is when I add it to the dashboard I'd like to give them the option to filter by the solved date so they can see what tickets were solved by agent in the past month, two months/etc. and give them options. Should i remove the initial solved by date from the query and then add the filter by date in the dashboard? What is the best way to do this? 


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