Why are out-of-office replies not appearing in the suspended ticket queue?

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  • Andrew Dun

    We would like out-of-office replies to show in Zendesk incidents. They are worthwhile for agents to be aware of. We have had a customer who was unhappy about a follow up email, as they had an out-of-office reply turned on when the original email was sent to them from Zendesk. The agent was unaware of the out-of-office reply, as it had been suppressed. Is there any way to configure Zendesk to set the X-Auto-Response-Suppress header value to None?

  • Tim Schempp

    From the sounds of this post, out of office responses are becoming less of an issue. Then why have the policy basically search for the phrase "out of office"? Trying to understand the idea behind a basic filter of a phrase if the filter isn't even 100% effective? 


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