Scheduling articles for publishing and unpublishing

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  • DonorsChoose

    We'd love the ability to schedule an article to publish with more specificity than the current "on-the-hour" intervals.  We have campaigns, partnerships, and special events that occasionally launch at 8:30 am EST, for example, and it's frustrating that we need to manually publish the corresponding article in Guide, instead of scheduling it to publish.

  • Lila Kingsley

    How does this work if an article has changes scheduled, but, requires a new/different update now, or before the scheduled date?  Is our only choice to "remove schedule", make the current edits + publish, then redo the other edits and schedule again?


  • Dawn Phelps

    Adding my vote to adding functionality to pre-schedule Archiving content, not just unpublishing. We leverage temporary "bulletin" type content for our internal teams that drive visibility to updates or temporary contact drivers. Being able to archive and not just unpublish would be more valuable to us and align with other CMS systems. 

  • Jim
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Lila,

    You may still see the option to edit the schedule for publishing on the article, so you can edit the schedule first, prior to making any changes or updates in the article itself (shown in the sample image below).

    However, if you proceed first in updating the article content instead of the schedule, the options available would be to save and remove the schedule, or save and keep the schedule for publishin.

    I'm afraid to say that those are the only available options as of the moment.


    Customer Advocacy Team

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