Assigning or reassigning articles with Team Publishing

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  • Alex Poon

    Various people on this thread asked about capabilities like group reviewers and alerts on the Q&A status. We at are building a modern content management system for CS teams alongside Zendesk and have addressed many of the points above. Check us out to see if we fit your needs.

  • Adam Brown

    Hi, is there an option or workaround to be able to assign an article to multiple reviewers? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Adam, 
    There's not a way to assign an article to multiple users at the same time. As a workaround, if you had a defined approval path, you could include the list of who should be receive the next assignment, or a link to an external shared document with a list of who needs to be assigned, in the internal note you can include when assigning the article.

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