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  • Chanteena Murphy

    Does the function of adding tags operate on ticket creation or just update?  I am looking for a way to recognize new tickets with attachments before the ticket gets opened by an agent (using the tags that are applied by this attachment manager), but it seems the tags do not get applied until the ticket is opened by an agent and then submitted. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Chanteena,

    Tags are only applied when a ticket is updated. Can you tell us more about what you're trying to do with new tickets with attachments? i.e. are you wanting to report on them, or set up a view for them, or something else?

  • Chanteena Murphy

    Hi Nicole! 

    We are trying to use a view that shows which tickets come in with attachments.  These are handled as a different priority group compared to other tickets and we would like to be able to see these before having to open each individual ticket. 

    I have the view set up so that the tagged tickets show there, but it still requires a manual sorting/update process before it moves into this view. 

  • Gilles Vanagtmael

    Hi there!

    Are there any updates planned for this app? Currently we often get the message that certain photos cannot be added to a ticket. Any idea what the reason for this might be?

  • Grzegorz

    Hi Gilles!

    I'm sorry to hear that you're not able to upload certain images. From what I can see, your issue is currently being investigated by our team in an offline ticket. My colleagues will follow up and provide you with an update soon.

  • Terry Ehrhard

    I would like to see this app have more functionality to include/exclude files based on the role.  For instance we often get documents from various third parties that need to part of the ticket request, yet we want to exclude those files for end users since those documents would contain private information.  Currently the file is either attached for everyone to see or it is removed.  The only way around this is to create another completely separate ticket which contains the original content minus the attachments.  This is cumbersome and not a good process to have two tickets for one request.

    I recommend having a means to "toggle" the attachment to be "private", much like a public or private comment, which would then remove all past history or any means for the file to be shown in the communications going forward.  This would be similar to Outlook where a request comes in with lots of data and attachments and the Associate/Agent can then remove the data and attachments that should not be exposed and include other customers with only the information that is relevant and public.

  • Joel Hellman

    I propose we add some information directly into the "Using the app" section, information partly found in this comment thread and elsewhere. Here is the information I think we should add that I expected to be in the main article:

    About the tags added by the Attachment Manager app:

    • The tag provided in the setting Attachment tag (e.g. has_attachment) is added when an agent updates a ticket with existing attachments.
    • The tag provided in the setting New attachment tag (e.g. has_new_attachment) is added when agent adds a new attachment to an existing ticket via Zendesk Support.
    • If you just want the app to track attachments regardless if added by agent or end-user, you can set same value for the settings New attachment tag and Attachment tag.

    Be aware of some limitations when using tags generated by the Attachment Manager app for reporting and business rules:

    • The Attachment Manager runs on the Zendesk Apps framework, and therefore only add tags to the ticket at the time an agent updates a ticket in the Zendesk Support UI. Consider this if you build business rules or reporting around the tags added by the Attachment manager.
    • The Attachment Manager currently doesn't tag tickets when they are created by an agent in Zendesk Support, it will only add tags when a ticket is updated by an agent in Zendesk Support. 

    And I think we should mention this information somewhere, because it has not always been so (support for this was added at some point):

    You can also filter tickets with and without attachments using the built-in Zendesk search:


    This search is not dependent on having installed the Attachment Manager.

  • Joel Hellman

    Adding a personal comment here.

    As I remember it, the Attachment Manager app was created at a time when Zendesk didn't have built-in support for the has_attachment search keyword. 

    The tags added by the app was then extra useful (apart from its other features) as a way to have some way of tracking tickets with attachments, even though limited by only tagging when an agent gets eyes on and updates it, and that it misses tagging agent-created tickets. And I think the tagging functionality in this app can still be useful today for some basic reporting or business rules, with the caveats above.

    Btw, opening up support for discovering attachments present in tickets in business rules have been requested here: Opening up "has attachment" as a trigger/automation condition 

  • Rachel G.

    Is there a way to download/export the library? 

  • Qin Brian

    What is the meaning of the error:

    Attachment Manager  "ticket.comments" undefined ?
    We met this errors in some tickets.
  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Qin,

    I did some digging on my end and from what I have found, uninstalling the app and re-installing it has fixed this issue in the past.
    Can you try that to see if that resolves the issue for you?
    Let me know!
  • Sue K
    1. Is it possible to configure the heading in the back end interface where it says "Invalid attachments" to say something more relevant to our specific group of agents?
    2. Is it possible to automatically redact all files that are invalid/restricted attachments? Our agents would not need these files at all.
  • Ivan Miquiabas
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi ABC, 
    Thanks for reaching out! 
    I would love to add both features on the app as well. But Unfortunately, there is no way to change the heading natively as of the moment, the same goes with automatically redacting all files that are invalid/restricted attachments. I would recommend writing a feedback so that our Product team can see and update this feature inn the future. Thank you for your continued support! 

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