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  • Devin

    Is there an easy way to have the help widget I designed show up as my contextual help widget? Right now I have a custom widget on my help center(https://help.safariportal.app/hc/en-us). But the black standard widget shows up on my website when I install the widget code.


    This is the widget code I installed:

    <!-- Start of safariportal Zendesk Widget script -->
    <script id="ze-snippet" src="https://static.zdassets.com/ekr/snippet.js?key=774d3285-1aed-4335-bbef-76c1e15031da"> </script>
    <!-- End of safariportal Zendesk Widget script -->
    <!-- Start of safariportal Zendesk Widget script -->
    <script id="ze-snippet" src="https://static.zdassets.com/ekr/snippet.js?key=774d3285-1aed-4335-bbef-76c1e15031da"> </script>
    <!-- End of safariportal Zendesk Widget script -->
    And it looks nothing like the one I have designed. 
  • Hkluppel

    Above i read this question:
    "Does contextual help search tags too, or just words in the actual article?"

    Answer: "Erica Wass: @robert Contextual Help uses the same search as your Help Center Knowledge Base. I've created a ticket for your question so we can look into your specifics with you. "

    but now i have just added a label 'course' to an article, but in the widget that article does not show up as an suggested article on a page with url .../course...

    When we search in the Help Center the article dóes show up when searched for 'course'

    plz help

  • Matt
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Hkluppel!

    Since Contextual Help relies on the URL of the page that the end user is on and then combines it with Help Center Search, article labels would be included, but you may not see expected results if the URL does not include relevant terms after the hostname.

    As the article mentions, you can use the SetHelpSuggestions API method of zE.setHelpCenterSuggestions({labels: ['label1']}); to pull in specific labels.

    If you continue to have trouble, please let me know and we can start a ticket to get specific examples from your account!


    Matt - Customer Advocate

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  • Fergus Wood

    Can you confirm that Contextual Help *does* search in the article 'labels' for matches?

    We have a URL as follows:


    I have some articles that all have a label = mycourses

    However, these articles are not showing up in the top 3 suggestions on the widget. The widget is empty.

    Do we need *ALL* of the URL strings to be added as labels for the articles to show up?

    Or should i get results in the widget when I only have one of the strings from the URL as a label in the articles?





  • Andre Powers

    The link to documentation on how to customize which articles are shown goes to a 404 page. Can someone please provide information on how to customize them?

  • Chris Sos
    Zendesk Product Manager


    You've got a sharp eye! We launched a new documentation site today and not every link redirected correctly. This should now be fixed and no longer give you a 404 :)



  • Kevin Lewis

    Is it possible to specific a specific article to show up in the web widget top suggestions by default? 

  • Jeff C
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Kevin,

    This is possible by using the SetHelpSuggestions API in the web widget code. See this documentation for reference.

  • Lucy Long

    Is it possible to show more than the top 3 articles? 

  • George Felton

    +1 to the suggestion from eVestment Education, I would also love to have more than 3 articles recommended as soon as the user opens the widget. Our widget is Help Center articles only.

  • Ronald Jay Buayan (ron)

    I am looking for the same.. to have more than 3 articles to be shown..

    Also instead targeting article via key search maybe an additional option base by category would be amazing

  • Ryan Rawlings

    I'm trying to understand how it determines the articles shown in the Web Widget (Classic). For example website "(site)/appliances/*******/configuration/discovery" the article named 'Discovery Tab" with the label of 'Discovery' only does not show up in the web widget. Instead some totally unrelated articles show up, but the web widget works on other pages just fine by showing the article for the page.

  • Stephanie Willis

    Our URL structure includes account IDs and user IDs (EG domain.com/account/#/user/#/PAGE). How do I get it to ignore the words "account" and "user" and only start searching with the actual page name? Because it searches the whole URL structure, the results are not relevant. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Ryan,

    Contextual Help entirely depends the relevant words included in the URL. If it's not giving the right articles, you might consider adding a labe to the specific article "Discovery Tab" that is related to the actual URL. If the same issue persisted, contact our support directly and we'll investigate further.
    Hi Stephanie,

    There's no direct way to ignore words in a URL. What I can think of is you can utilize help center suggestions for such pages in order for you to specify what articles to show. More information can be found in helpCenter:setSuggestions.
  • Manuel Moreira

    Will this be available in the Messaging widget too soon?

  • Nik Vale

    Why is the helpCenter:setSuggestions restricted to 3 results? If the user types the same phrase into the search they get a full list of results so why limit to 3?

  • Gab
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Manuel,
    I created a ticket on your behalf and will send it to you via email so we can discuss your concern.
    Thank you!
  • Mark Rickard

    My contextual help doesn't seem to be working as expected.

    The app URL is /mod/reporting/quantreport but the classic widget contextual help articles that are served up are not the top three articles where "mod reporting quantreport" is the help center search term.

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    HeyA Mark! Does the article you want to show have the proper article labels and tags? Using labels on your help center articles
  • Mark Rickard

    I think the article labels are in line with what Zendesk recommends. What I'm worried about is that AnswerBot is serving up articles for QUALITATIVE reporting and not QUANTITATIVE reporting, as if it's parsing similar words and not the actual labels.


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