Managing offline form settings

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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Smith,

    If you are on a Team, Professional, or Enterprise plan, you can edit the message as described in the article above under "Editing the offline form message". If you are on an Essential plan, you will not be able to edit this message.

  • Sylvester Danckaarts

    How do I make sure that I have different translations for the Offline form text ? The default text is 'Sorry, we aren't online at the moment. Leave a message and we'll get back to you' but we have visitors from all over the world.

  • Elissa Tikalsky
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    HI @...,

    Unfortunately the offline message text doesn't auto-translate, but you can override/localize this string with the API as described here: 

    I hope that helps!

  • Camilo Gomez

    Is there a way to localized the language of the offline form so that it gets translated to the user's language settings?

  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Camilo,

    By default, the Web Widget embedded in a website displays text in the end user’s language, based on the language of their browser. For example, if the end user's browser language is set to de for German, the widget will appear in German for that user. If the widget is embedded in a Help Center, it displays text based on the Help Center language setting.

    For more information on language settings in the widget, see the articles: Displaying the widget in a different language and How do I change or set the language in the widget on my website?


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