Explore recipe: Filtering reports by business hours

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  • Greytip Online Help Desk

    I have the same issue as Emma. Anyone figured this out yet? Zendesk team-Please advise. We didn't have to do this in Insights as we had set the working hours in the schedule. How can we get this working in Explore? We report out metrics like response and resolution time in business hours which in our case is 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Vijayendra,

    If you have schedules set on your account, then your Explore should have both calendar and business hour metrics for First reply time and Full resolution time. You don't have to build custom metrics or attributes to measure these based on business hours; just select the business hours metrics when building your queries.

    Thanks Vijayendra!

  • Jonathan Lindsay


    I have tried to create a custom business hours metric, however when going to add it, there is not an attribute called "Calculated attributes" for me to select from. 

    When trying to create the same metric, it says that the metric already exists implying that I have saved it correctly. 

    Am I missing something here? Why wouldn't the "Calculated attributes" appear?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jonathan! You mentioned you created a custom metric. If you did create a metric then that is expected not to appear under Rows or Columns as an attribute. Custom metrics would only appear under Metrics. If you want to add that calculated attribute under Rows or Columns, then you'd need to create a Standard calculated attribute.

  • CJ

    It might be good to note that this only works if everyone who uses and loads the query is in the same timezone. On that note, is there any way to make this formula use a specific timezone, so that when I look at the report, and my coworker in France looks at the report, we see the report showing Monday-Friday 9-5 for France for both of us? 

  • Andy Verner

    Similar to the default values for full resolve time, how can I create a custom metric that only counts business hours?   I.e. I want to count all hours tickets were in an 'open' status for the last month, I can see it in calendar hours, but I want to see this in business hours.  What's the best way to achieve this? 


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