Which time zone does Zendesk use?

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  • Julio Encinas

    "Chat transcript's time zone is always UTC."

    This is a joke, really ... it causes huge confusion in my clients, because they have to keep calculating the time according to the time zone, since everything is already set up correctly in my Zendesk Support ...

    We have had discussions since 2018 about the case and no official response from the company that would be the "best in the market"

  • Étienne Labaume

    Setting a timezone per user is overly complicated when it's very simple to use the browser time/timezone as a reference in order to display a human friendly ticket timestamp. Any plan to support that? That would be one setting less, in a system that already has many.

  • Albert

    Both Julio and Etienne are making solid points. 

    Anything to add, Zendesk Team? Users don't want to 'configure a profile' to make a simple request, they're trying to engage with your users, us, not Zendesk itself. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hey Albert (or Julio or Etienne) –
    For visibility and to let others upvote and comments, could one of you post to our Feedback - Chat and Messaging (Chat) topic, using this template to format your feedback? Thanks!

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