Creating a schedule with operating hours

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  • Andrew Chu

    Quick question on this feature: Can you confirm the purpose of having department schedules setting up? To prevent agents from turning on chat outside or scheduled hours, or to prevent chat request to be initiated for that added department, or both?

    There's a scenario where agent 1 is mapped to 2 service groups A and B, each has separate schedule. Group A's schedule is 24hrs while Group B's schedule is just 6hrs in the day.

    Per checking I see that agent 1 can go online anytime as service group A should be available 24/7. But when agent 1 being online to serve group A's request will he/she receive requests coming from group B, saying that it's now already outside of the 6hrs scheduled for group B?

  • Diosa
    Hello, Andrew.
    The purpose of department schedules is to keep the department from staying online beyond of the specified operating hours. So, in your scenario, Group B will go offline even if agent 1 is online, because it is already over the department's operating hours.
  • Andrew Chu

    Thanks Diosa for your comment. I get it now.

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Camden, 

    Creating a schedule is available under Chat Professional and Zendesk Suite Professional. We suggest that you check your plan to verify if this function is included in your plan. If yes, please reach out to your Account Executive to have your account updated. 
  • Hannah Voice

    Do operating hours also apply to Zendesk Messaging or is it just Live Chat? If they do apply to Zendesk Messaging, how do they then work with Social Messaging? For example, if we had operating hours of 9am-5pm everyday, we couldn't stop a user sending a Facebook message outside of those hours. If agents were marked as Invisible (per the operating hours), what would happen to that Facebook message?

    Additionally, I understand Departments aren't relevant for Zendesk Messaging but how could we set multiple operating hours schedules in that case, or could we only set it at the account level where ALL agents are shown as Online?


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hannah Voice Messaging does not rely on the Chat operating hours schedules, instead it uses business schedules set in Support and it is enforced by using a step inside of Flow Builder and a specific schedule. This gives you flexibility to set it how you like, some Messaging customers treat the channel differently from Chat where the account has urgency/more real time responses and it becomes more asynchronous where response time could be hours/days instead of seconds/minutes with Live Chat. 

    You can look at this post in setting up a schedule in Support: 

    Here is the post about flow builder and the business schedule condition:


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