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  • Kirsty Fullarton

    Is it possible to configure the review workflow? For example, we already have a system built that sends 'flagged' articles to review by a senior agent level for triage, before landing at the top Publisher level. We use triggers and macros to make the flow work. This gives us much more control and helps drive accountability with knowledge.

  • Jan-Willem Rossée

    Hello, I just wanted to propose an update to this article. We just spend two weeks of emailing back and forth with ZD-support, only to find there's an important distinction to make, in regards to a flagged article being automatically assigned to the author and your currently subscribed (guide) plan.

    The ticket is automatically assigned to the author of the article to review. If the information about the owner is not available, then the ticket will remain unassigned.

    The article owner feature is an Enterprise Guide plan only feature! In essence there will be no ticket automatically assigned to the author of the article if your guide plan is Professional or lower. Flagging is available in the plans indicated by this article. A yellow note block pointing out this distinction to the other readers will possibly save others the time.

    ZD-support was outstanding, I'd like to add! Very attentive, folllowed-up every single day, even if there was no update available from the internal team. A workaround has been proposed which is still to be verified, but I have no doubt it will work as proposed. 

  • Tetiana Gron
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jan-Willem Rossée,

    Thanks for bringing our attention to this. There was ambiguity in the article. We have updated it to indicate that the owner (not the author) is assigned to the ticket. 

  • Elizabeth Williams
    Zendesk Documentation Team
    Article has been updated to indicate the owner (not the author) is assigned to the ticket.

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