Explore recipe: Number of tickets submitted by your users

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  • Moe Elb


    I need to generate a Zendesk explore report for the number of open tickets per customer. The problem is that i always have to filter with the ticket created date, solved date, or update date. 
    I just need to check daily the number of tickets for a customer (not filtering if they were created, closed or updated). 

    One more thing, if 2 tickets were opened on a day and not solved, they should appear on the next day as they were not solved. 

  • Emily

    Hi Mohamed, it looks like this can be done using steps 1-7 above. When I did it, the report didn't require me to add a date created or solved. After completing those steps I added a filter at the top for ticket status, and set it to filter for any tickets in 'pending, on hold, or NULL' status. 

  • Maky

    Hi everyone!

    As I said HERE how can I have the requester list with absolutely zero tickets?

    COUNT(Tickets) arrives to 1:

    We need to cancel the requesters with no tickets.




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