Enabling customers to opt out of emails in Sell

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  • Bill Fanning

    I was testing this feature and now would like to take the unsubscribe status from a user.  Is there a way to delete the "unsubscribed" status from a user in Sell?

  • Bill Fanning

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Bill,
    Once you have setup the Opt out/Usubscribed at, you can go to the actual leads/contact list and click the edit icon beside each value to modify or remove it.

    Hope this helps!
  • Bill Fanning

    I added the Unsubscribe link to a Sequence.  That was what I was testing with my email account.  But I am unable to locate the Opt Out field when I look at the Contact list.

  • Dion
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Bill,

    You can use the "ongoing" and "completed" sequence fields in a smart list to see if someone is no longer part of the sequence. It would also be helpful if you can tag your sequences.


  • Tomasz Wiglasz

    How can we identify contacts/leads who used the unsubscribe link in an email sent as part of a sequence?

    The processes described above are great for managing contacts/leads who ask us to manually unsubscribe them, but we seem to be stuck without any way to identify or manage workflows for customers who clicked the unsubscribe link in sequenced emails. Do we need to build our own custom integrated unsubscribe system with our own unsubscribe links to include in emails to solve this problem?

  • Karen Beltran
    Hi <name>,
    I created a ticket on your behalf and will send it to you via email so we can discuss your xxx concern further.Thank you!

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