Viewing the audit log for changes

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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi CJ, I see you've responded with a couple items of feedback in the Audit log - We want your feedback! thread -- that'd be the best place for this feedback as well. Thanks!
  • Katie McCormick

    Does the Audit Log show changes made to reports or dashboards in Explore?

    We're preparing to train some new Editors and it would be helpful if we could see what they changed in a particular report or dashboard for troubleshooting purposes. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Katie McCormick It does not, you can upvote the feature request for it here though:

  • Jacob Hill

    Hello! Is there a way to offload the audit logs to a SIEM, specifically Azure Sentinel?

  • Gabriele Biella


    I'm using the Audits API to fetch some data from the "history".

    But, when a ticket is created from the WhatsApp channel the "history" field is empty.

    I expected to find at least the first message from the customer who contacted the helpcenter via WhatsApp.

    It seems that the conversation data is added to the history only after the agent modifies the ticket, is correct? is this the correct behavior?



  • Andrew Lundy

    I don't see the Audit Log option anywhere in Zendesk Admin. (I am the account owner).

  • Dwight Bussman
    Zendesk Customer Care

    HeyO Andrew Lundy - that option will only appear in accounts on our Enterprise plan. If your account has that plan-level and you're still not seeing it, please contact support to look into that more closely.

  • Kim Dickey

    I see that the audit log tracks when a help center is *deactivated* but not when it is activated, which is the information I'm trying to find out. Is there any way to track down this information or am I missing it as an event not tracked under the "Brand" type? 

  • Max McCal
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Kim Dickey – Guide events are something we're focussed on this year. While we don't currently track Help Center activations and deactivations, you will start to see them in Q2 of this year. 

  • Jake Warren

    Hi Dwight Bussman,

    I'm having trouble getting the results that I expect. Can you help me understand how I would filter to see any and all history for a specific end user? I want to see when it was created and by who, as well as any future updates/changes and by who (and when of course). I'm not able to get this.



  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Jake Warren,

    At this moment we have the option to check the activity timeline for specific users. 
    Please follow for that -> Announcing the new Customer Profile Page and Activity Timeline open beta

    If it's not enough please feel free to create a ticket with us.

    Thank you
  • Nobuhiro Kobayashi

    Does the audit log exclude Zendesk Explore activities?

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Nobuhiro,
    Explore changes are not captured in Audit logs. I've taken a look and found that other users are discussing similar needs here: Explore - Audit Log with list of changes

    You can up-vote that original post and add your detailed use-case to the conversation. Threads with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning.

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