Setting up your Zendesk Sell-Support integration

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  • Hi All

    Is there any thoughts on creating a Deal widget in the Sell for Support App? At the moment Support agents can only see Lead, Contact (Person) and Contact (Company) information in the Sell for Support app.

    I have a customer that really wants their Support teams to see more granular Deal details over and above the standard: Customer Deals - 'Potential Deals and Won Deals' or Customer Deals with Value - 'Potential Deals and Won Deals' numbers.

    Is the only way to achieve this using a custom field on the Contact (Person or Company) record that we can then show on the Org or User Sell for Support App in Support?

    The only issue is that this field would not be dynamic and the Sales team will need to remember to keep it updated.

  • Mike DR
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi there! There's no native way to do this yet. However, you can submit product feedback about that feature here: Feedback - Sales CRM (Sell)

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