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  • Heyling

    Hi Zendesk, 

    I'm a support agent that uses Zendesk. We have around 800 clients that we need to notify (need to verify their addresses or names etc). We have their emails. I don't think they are in any existing contact list that's in zendesk (we pulled the emails from our logistic system). Is there anyway I can bulk send emails/create help desk tickets for them at the same time? Thanks in advance! 

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi @...,

    It is my understanding that you are referring to our Support product (not Sell) and are trying to verify end users! If that is the case, here is the article on verifying an end user's email and bulk updating users.  If you have a moment, I would suggest posting some feedback about this process in our Community Feedback Section because at this time you can either manually verify an end user's email or use our API for bulk actions. I'm afraid there is not a bulk verify option in the product at this time.  

    Additionally, the article Can I bulk create tickets to email my users? should hopefully address your second question. 

    I hope this helps! 

  • Nathan Kelly

    Is there any way to cc other members of my team when sending a bulk email? 

  • Austine Hipol

    Hi Nathan, unfortunately, you can’t cc any users on a bulk email. This feature is only available when sending regular emails through Sell. If this would add a lot of value to Sell I would definitely suggest voicing this as a feature request on our UserVoice page so others who may be looking for this added functionality can upvote your request. Our Product Team takes into consideration posts/upvotes on this page when designing the product roadmap, I've linked both of these below:


    Austine Hipol
    Customer Advocate | Zendesk Sell

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  • GrowthDot

    If you need to send more emails without limitations, you can try Proactive Campaigns for Zendesk support. Run 2000 or even 10000 emails from our backend even with a closed browser. Also, create a customer mailing list filtered by specific criteria to include in your campaign.


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