Adding Web Widget (Classic) to multiple brands

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  • T.J. (ZenBros)

    In full transparency, multi-brand chat functionality is in need of some serious love.  Not having the capability to configure brand-specific pre-chat forms is quite painful for those who have brand-specific agents.  Ducttaping triggers to assign the correct brand when a ticket is created from the Chat channel exactly fantastic either..

  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ken,

    A good option for your case would be to use multi-brands as this will allow you to have two separate help centers, one for each set of customers.

    You may take a look at this article to know more on how to create a help center for one of your Support brands ​

    Having multiple brands also enables you to add a Web Widget for each brand, check on this article for more details.

    As for restricting users on accessing the help center, the user segments option in Zendesk Guide could fill in as a way to filter/restrict the users.

  • Rodger Bradford

    @brettbowser Thank you very much!  This worked for us.  

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hey Rodger,

    Do you have these branded widgets on separate pages on your website? If so, you could use this trigger recipe: Adding custom tags to Web Widget tickets from specific pages

    Let me know if that doesn't get you what you're looking for!

  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Bradraj,

    My name is Michael with Zendesk support.

    I created a separate ticket for you about this issue you're experiencing and you can expect an email shortly stating the ticket has been created.

    See you on that ticket!


  • ken cloud

    Question. I have two sets of end users. For example, we will call them Company A and Company B. Is there a way to designate which Company an end user is from in the db, so when they sign on, they are shown the help widget for Company A, not Company B? Want the user to default to the correct help widget (therefore the correct Help Center) when they sign on. Thanks!

  • Bradraj Kumar

    Hi all,

    i want to ask a small question here in this thread only.

    I have the 2 chat widget for 2 different countries and the configurations are approximately same. i saw that few of the chats from country 1 is getting handled by country 2. i am unable to find root cause, please comment.

    Bradraj kumar

  • Rodger Bradford

    Does anyone have any solutions to the problem of the web widget with multiple brands?

    Our company is on the enterprise program and we have two brands.  Each brand is handled by a different customer service department.  Each brand has its own web site.

    What trigger recipe could we use to assign the tickets generated from Web Widget to the two different groups?


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