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  • Jared Vicencio

    If an assignee begins responding to a ticket but another assignee solves the ticket, under which assignee will the ticket be credited to?

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jared!

    The agent who is listed as the Assignee on the ticket will get credit for the Solve in your analytics, regardless of whether somebody else makes updates or marks the ticket as Solved. So as long as the agent does not change the Assignee to them or someone else, that original agent will still get the Solve. Essentially whenever the Solve itself is actioned it is dictated by who the assignee is at that update.

    Hope that helps!

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate |

  • Pavan Krishna

    would you please clarify what you mean by original agent?  When I created a report to look at metrics based on the assignee name, some colleagues are not showing up even though I see that tickets are assigned to them.


  • Tom Bassingthwaighte

    Hi there - how can I create a dynamic report to show a daily breakdown of solved tickets by assignee?

    I can see we have an option to break this down into Weeks, Days of Week and Months. I can also see we can run a report to show all dates, which does technically allow a daily breakdown, although it shows every single date since the account has been opened.

    I'm looking for Ticket Solved - Yesterday. This would allow a dynamic report that updates daily showing exclusively the information I'm looking for, without requiring daily edits.

    Is this possible?

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Tom,

    Yes, this can be done in Explore. You can apply a dynamic date range so that the report would always show data for yesterday. 

    Reference: Editing date ranges


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