Using the Product Catalog to define products and services in Sell

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  • Chase Sharron

    Our sales team creates deals using the products list as specified in the above directions. We were hoping to use this data to help with forecasting but when the products are selected as a filter within the deals tab, it only pulls the individual names of the products that are selected within each deal which does not tell us anything useful. We want the quantities as well as the extended price of each product that has been selected. This seems like it should be a feature, is there a way I can pull that info in order to export into Excel?

  • Laura Hippert

    Hi Chase - I would definitely recommend posting your feedback on our existing reporitng abilities on products in our Community: You are correct that we do not have a way to pull additional product details in a report. What exactly are you try to report on, all of the product quantities and values of deals that have been won or are forecasted? This might be something you can achieve with our API:

  • Anton Verhelst

    Can we set a default markup and discount so I don't have to add it for each product individually?

  • Lloyd Grosse

    A suggestion more that a question.  It would be great if products could correspond to different pipelines.

    For instance a single sale might have a number of items:

    • platform sale which needs to be captured in the platform pipeline
    • course sales - in the course pipe
    • support sale - in the support pipe

    At present it would need 3 sales to represent the entire deal even though contractually it is one document and one invoice.

    My thinking to overcome this would be that Products drive the pipeline and that one Sale with products from multiple pipelines allows the sale to appear in several pipes (with the corresponding amount) consistent with the product that matches the pipe.

    Might be just lockdown madness but...

  • Julián Porras

    La moneda colombiana COP$ no esta soportada por los productos. 

  • API System

    Product Catalog is included in Growth plan according to this page

  • Pi-Hsing Chung

    After update, we can't no longer see the SKU while adding products to deal, or even edit the products list with SKU field using the Products Widget. 

    SKU data field is very important for companies with products with many variants to tell the difference. 

    Please help put back the SKU field.

    Thank you. 

  • Tim

    We really need more functionality from products - an ability to create bundles or at least put products into groups. As it stands it's very cumbersome trying to build a 'deal' (which underpins our quote process) and requires someone with detailed product knowledge.

    We have to maintain all this externally and it's very limiting.

    Ideally I'd like to create a 'deal' of a specific 'type' and have all the potential products listed with zero quantities. User can then just enter the quantities and is less likely to miss things.


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