Advanced customization of Web Widget (Classic)

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  • Eric Nelson
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy Team
    Hey Brianne,

    Great question! This is an 'OR' the same way it is for filtering to certain categories or sections. The documentation is pretty vague on that so I will look into getting that updated.
  • Brianne Reinhardt

    Eric Nelson Thanks, that's helpful!

  • CJ Johnson

    The developer documentation offers no hints on now to suppress this on specific pages, only altogether everywhere. Can this be fleshed out? I have no idea what syntax would be needed to achieve this. 

    edit: Found what I needed! There's actually a guide to this:

    EDIT 2: And that guide doesn't actually cover how to suppress on specific pages in the Help Center. In fact, it kind of forgets to tell you how to do the suppression on a page at all, but I know it means that you should paste the code with customization somewhere in the pages' body. 

    I am trying to suppress some parts of the widget on specific *help center* pages. Since Support says the widget customizations MUST live in the document_header.hbs, I need to know how I can suppress on specific HC pages. 


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