Enabling auto-assign for agents on ticket solve

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  • Gonzalo Rivero


    We have an issue with this feature.

    When a ticket is submitted as solved, it auto-assigns to the Agent that submitted the ticket as solved. The issue appears when that agent is on holidays and the customer reopens the solved ticket, as the ticket is assigned to the Agent that is on holidays, the other Agents can't see the ticket on their dashboards. 

    I unchecked the "Auto-assign tickets upon solve" but Zendesk still requires selecting an assignee, and I cannot assign to the Group "Support" (where all agents can see the ticket if it is reopened) 

    Unfortunately, the Zendesk chat help provided solutions that did not work at all (macros, automations, you name it), even installing a 3rd party app that did nothing. 

    We need that the tickets that are submitted as solved are NOT assigned to a specific Agent or be able to submit as solved and assign to the Group "Support". 

    Thank you for your help. 


  • Christopher Boerger

    Gonzalo Rivero there is a cool app called out-of-office that helps to avoid that when an agent is set to OOO it unassign's and puts the ticket back on the group dashboard. 
    here is the link to the app on zendesk marketplace 


  • Gonzalo Rivero

    Tried it, it didn't work. Tried it again and it worked! Maybe it was some setting. 


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Gonzalo, 
    For visibility to our product team, can you post your use case to our Feedback - Ticketing System (Support) topic, using this template?
  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Gonzalo, I noticed you already did - thanks, and sorry I missed it!

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